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Coffin Posts

48 USD

+ Coffins don't have to be scary.
+ Available in black patinaed brass or hammered raw brass, both with a Sterling silver post.
+ About 2 and 3/4 inches in length.
+ Also see matching Coffin Necklace.

Indigo Alice Designs is comprised of Olivia Indigo and Billie Alice, a team of two long time friends who love making jewelry. We make all of our jewelry entirely from hand,  instead of getting parts manufactured elsewhere, through casting or other procedures. This is not the most precise way to do it, and definitely not the fastest, but for us, the process is just as important as the final product.  Neither of us are very girly, and we believe that you don’t have to be a fancy femme to wear cool jewelry. We try to convey this in our photography, using non-traditional models from a variety of backgrounds. Most of them are just our friends and folks from our community! We aim to make handmade jewelry accessible to many budgets, so you don’t have to be rich either. If there is a piece you love, but can't afford, maybe we can work another form of payment. Handcrafted jewelry for all! We love jewelry from around the world, but we try to appreciate it without appropriating it. When we use beads from other cultures, we try to credit their origins. We do not refer to our jewelry as tribal. We welcome conversations about cultural appropriation and please let us know if you find something we are making to be inappropriate.

Care of Jewelry: Brass, Silver and Copper oxidize and tarnish naturally. To slow down the process, avoid exposing your jewelry to moisture. Keeping your jewelry in a sealed plastic bag will prevent it from tarnishing. You may use a polishing cloth to polish pieces if needed.  Please do not polish pieces with patina, they have been sealed with wax and polishing may damage them. You can generally polish fingerprints off the patinaed pieces with a dry, soft cloth.

Our hoops closed with tension, if they are too loose, gently bend the sides of the hoop closer together so they will latch securely. 

Repairs and damaged items may be replaced for free, once pre-approved via email.

For wholesale inquiries, please email us at indigoalicedesigns@gmail.com and we will follow up with wholesale pricing and other information.