Indigo Alice Designs is Olivia Indigo Page and Billie Alice Hurth. We have been friends for years, so starting a business together felt very natural. We share every part of the process, from conceiving of the design to the actual manufacturing in our Portland, Oregon studio. We are both from families of makers, and grew up working with our hands. We remember childhoods spent sorting through bead collections, and collecting various shiny things to be turned into necklaces. Our fascination with jewelry lives on to this day. 

Our designs are inspired by jewelry from around the world, using geometric shapes and organic colors. We believe in the importance of making things by hand, and that the process is as valuable as the piece. We want to show that handmade jewelry can be accessible to everyone and still be made with skill and attention. 

Care of Jewelry: Brass, Silver and Copper oxidize and tarnish naturally. To slow down the process, avoid exposing your jewelry to moisture. Keeping your jewelry in a sealed plastic bag will prevent it from tarnishing. You may use a polishing cloth to polish pieces if needed. 

Repairs and damaged items may be replaced for free, once pre-approved via email.

For wholesale inquiries, please email us at and we will follow up with wholesale pricing and other information.